A response to the initial outbreak of COVID in February 2020 I joined forces with Native Mystic and together we launched and branded hundreds of herbal and medicinal mushroom based supplements and a handful of subsidiary product lines, which include Immunity Herbals, Mind & Body Herbals, Element & Scent, and a re-brand of Native Mystic. Our highlight was being accepted to retail in extremely popular LA Based Erewhon Market, Juicy Ladies, and Cafe Gratitude.

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In 2013 I was the creative director, designer, and marketing strategist for a unique patented product called Suitcase Jersey. I created numerous presentations, marketing decks, product concepts, and sublimation print designs. Under my direction we attended the PPAI Expo and launched the product to the promotional products world. Ultimately, Sky Mall magazine retailed our product in their onboard airplane magazine which reached an annual distribution  of 60 million travelers.

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In 2019 I was asked to design and research Playboy Men’s skin care products that would be sold throughout Asia.

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Through the years I have been involved with numerous product launches and development. Using various methods to create digital renderings and product mock ups I have had the privilege of assisting a wide variety of clientele.