I am a creative person who has spent the majority of his life being involved with both music and design.

When I was 16 years old I was lucky enough to be mentored by the extremely skilled graphic arts department at Blue Sand, which was the largest screen printing facility in Los Angeles. Some of their prolific clients included Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess, and Jerry Leigh. There I learned the fundamental skills of digital graphic design and how to color separate client art files for screen printing.

I then had the opportunity to take a manual labor position in a renowned garment dye facility called Universal Garment, which had developed washes for Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, and Robin’s Jeans. There I learned the ins and out of the machines and educated myself on different wash processes.

During this period I started my first reputable music project called KompromizeWe were a self managed DIY band who produced and even printed our own cd’s. Our showcase show was at the world famous Whisky a go-go.

Simultaneously  at the age of 19 I helped oversee the production and lead the marketing efforts for the custom motorcycle paint facility called American Art Design Group. Their major clients initially included Harley Davidson and then Indian Motorcycles. I coordinated getting our company a spot showcasing our custom painted motorcycles on the show, The Simple Life, with Paris Hilton.

Next I started to get involved with apparel development and coordinating orders for companies such as Guess and the newly established Seven Jeans. This inspired be to get more involved with fashion design, which ultimately lead to me designing and developing my women’s clothing line Just IV Me.

Just IV Me earned me major success and at the height of its popularity it was sold throughout 300 independent retail stores and worn by major celebrities. My last major retail client was Neiman Marcus Last Call.

During the same that I began Just IV Me, I co created my band Letters Burning. With Letters Burning I would go on to record 3 EP’s with our single, Critic’s Last Stand, being played on the local broadcast of KROQ. We played the Vans Warped tour twice, played an acoustic Hot Topic in-store tour, and played for the Marines, Navy and Airforce in Okinawa and Guam.

I spent several years doing freelance work and consulting for brands such as Trumanity, Point Zero, and Articles of Society.

After that I got introduced to a prototype patented product called Suitcase Jersey and agreed to focus my efforts on building the product into a substantial licensable brand called bBranded. After successfully landing us into Sky Mall magazine I took on a Creative Director position at ACF Global. There I worked with a handful of celebrities helping them conceptualize their new products. I also created an assortment of marketing decks focused on teaming up new products with major licensee companies.

Simultaneously I started a new music project called Cookie Cutter Killer and curated a unique popup food and music experience called The Speakeasy DTLA. Shortly after I decided to get back into fashion.

In 2016 I came up with the concept Trash Los Angeles. This would be a high end men’s t-shirt inspired by the streets of Los Angeles. I would use my knowledge of washes and garment treatments to age and “destroy” very upscale custom and sustainable fabric. My goal was to start my own charity called the W.A.N.T. Foundation which would give back to the homeless community. My very first retail stores were H. Lorenzo, Traffic Los Angeles, Kitross (formerly Kitson), and Planet Blue online. As the brand expanded into denim and a wide range of styles I was given the opportunity to be represented by Brand Equity Showroom.

I then created the 80’s inspired men’s graphic driven clothing brand, You Know Im Bad. I launched my first collection at Liberty Las Vegas and successfully got orders from Nordstrom’s Rack and Hautelook online.

Between the downtime of waiting to start production I took on a new venture and created a unique ad based home improvement magazine called, Back to the Future Mag. Within 2 months the magazine had nearly 20 companies advertising with us and was circulated to over 100,000 home owners.

Following that period I began consulting and building major e-commerce websites for a wide variety of companies. From 2018-2019 I was the creative director and marketing strategist for TZURI, which is a high end patented jewelry line. I designed his very unique brand website which showcases a drawing app style section as well as his very interactive IG (@tzuri_official). Additionally I produced and co created our Holiday 2018 Campaign Video (which came out XMAS 2018) with my very talented team, which consists of filmmaker and director Aton Sanz-Katz and the duo Nik and Jax.

I began working with a very unique plant based Naturopathic herbal supplement company and we launched Immunity Herbals together in March 2019. Our first major retailer was all 6 location of Los Angeles based Erewhon Market.

I also service a wide variety of Freelance clients and have created a handful of websites to suit their needs. Some of my most recent clients are : Immunity HerbalsHive Societé , The Look Management, LUXMARY, Vintage Souls, Telos Magic, Wholesale Fashion Couture, Holy Wild, Hummus Lali, and Leelo Bambino