Originally brought on as a creative consultant for re branding www.wholesalefashioncouture.com. 

We started by re shooting thousands of women’s wholesale clothing styles under my guidance and after a major re brand I launched their new e-commerce website, which in 8 months generated 600k in sales and brought 650 new customers. Through strategic email campaigns, google ads, text message marketing, creating a loyalty program, designated New Arrivals days every week, and strong style videos I was able to build the business into a very competitive player in their respective space.

Wordpress Building • CALL - 512-666-8607

In 2018 I was asked to build and design the website for the launch of  www.TZURI.com

I also became the creative director for the brand maintaining their social media and paid digital marketing campaigns. I came up with the concept for doing a slow motion holiday video and with the aid of my film maker and director friend, Aton Sanz Katz, I produced and co created the 2018 Express Yourself Campaign Video.

Shopify Design • CALL - 512-666-8607

Native Mystic approached me about helping them brand and launch a new immunity focused plant based herbal supplement brand. After designing their new branding elements including the name, logo, and product label designs, I was brought on board as their Creative and Marketing Director. I shot all their products and campaign photoshoots which led to be creating their website www.IMMUNITYHERBALS.com. Under my guidance we successfully got invited to retail our items at all 6 of the established Los Angeles Erewhon Market locations. I continue to create all their content, marketing campaigns and consulting on new products.

E-Commerce Online Store • CALL - 512-666-8607

LUXMARY is a unique brick and mortar store that specializes in rare High End Handbags and Accessories from designer brands such as Chanel, YSL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc. They asked me to design and build their website so they could begin to sell online. Their website www.LUXMARY.com has a very elegant and classy feel to it.

Social Media Content • CALL - 512-666-8607

I created and designed the website www.TRASHLOSANGELES.com. I also created all the social media content and directed all the photo shoots.

Website Design • CALL - 512-666-8607

As part of their new Los Angeles recording studio launch, Float Studios, brought me on to rework their brand and create a unique user experience for their potential clients. They wanted to create a very colorful, modern, and vibrant website, www.FLOATSTUDIOS.la, that made reading about their gear and technical specs fun. They also wanted a website that made booking an appt. extremely simple by always having access to the booking sections.

Digital Marketing • CALL - 512-666-8607

BBMT Construction has been building million dollar homes in Los Angeles for many years. They came to me for a very simple and easy to navigate website www.BBMTCONSTRUCTION.com showcasing their projects and services. I re designed their existing logo and re branded them into a more modern and inviting style.

Google Ads Strategy • CALL - 512-666-8607

Using my own trademark, You Know Im Bad, I created this concept men’s workout clothing brand website www.YOUKNOWIMBAD.com using only digital renderings I created. None of the products actually exist they are just place holders for potential production.

Photo Editing • CALL - 512-666-8607

In addition to creating their branding elements, including their logo and trim design, I built this unique high end exotic leather accessory’s e commerce Shopify website www.THEHIVESOCIETE.com. Notably I co created their unique brand bee video with my collaboration partner Aton Sanz-Katz and also digitally rendered the majority of their product color options. I also designed their instagram account @hivesociete

Video Editing • CALL - 512-666-8607

I created the website www.THELOOKMGMT.com. I also created all their content and branding materials including catalogs, business cards and logos.

Sell Your Products Online • CALL - 512-666-8607

Private Chef, Orit, came to me when she decided she wanted to launch her very popular spicy sauces. After creating her logo and branding elements I created her product labels. When I created her website www.CHEFOME.co I tried to keep it very simple and eye catching using the bright jalapeño green color that compliments her products quite well. Her site also has daily recipes and daily ritual sections.